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I encourage most of my responses and feedback through the comments of the blog posts to encourage more engagement at that level. What is a good way to feature key bloggers at a foodie type event. I really could go on about this for a bit.

It does require a different type of coding skill if you are used to just modifying templates with PHP, you will also have to learn the hooks system. Reactiv has got a unique layout and comes with tons of awesome template like responsive slider theme can pull in posts or portfolio items and a couple of options for the navigation menu, standard and drop down.

Usually the best way to organize is to set a schedule. Artisteer - web design software and joomla template maker Artisteer 4. The theme has a clean modern design and ample white space to launch your website. Hostgator — Hostgator is probably the most well known cheap Web Host in the net.

How to get loyal followers to your blog. Sparkez is a great looking skin for bloggers which shows your about section on the home page along with social icons and email newsletter. When I was at Blog World, I took a peak through the Corporate Blogging for Dummies guide which had a lot of great information for businesses getting into blogging that had tips.

So I decided to move to another webhost. I do most of my SEO efforts after I create a blog post in terms of making sure that a good keyword phrase is included in the post title as well as meta description within All in One SEO Pack.

With free themes, the developer thesis offer an upgraded version, but your customizations may break in the new version. Also, maybe encourage mailing list signups from both the blog and the Facebook page, that way you can get to potential customers through their email as well. You can pay a couple bucks to remove it and you have to pay shipping.

I the not recommend Thesis anymore. Template leaving everything out does Genesis have SEO setting as it is with these themes??. With most WordPress themes, you have multiple files to the header. Give them great reasons to join, and you will have success in getting great contributors. Twitter Twitter is, of course, the largest micro-blogging platform on the web.

The advantage of this however is that, once you have set up your Website which is far better than just a blog you can also set up a blog using its own platform. If you are looking to do affiliate marketing, you will need traffic and an audience who can really trust that what you are offering is valuable.

Blogussion is one of the best designed blogging blogs out there. Alex knows what he’s doing and has already sold copies of the beautiful Blogussion Thesis Theme. Visit Site. Starting with Marketers Delight 2, and an awesome bundle of Thesis skins. Marketers Delight 2. Back in December, I talked about what Marketers Delight 2 was going to be about.

Happy New Year, Happy New JuniorBiz! JJ Entry #26

I also talked about what it wasn’t going to be. Any discount for us who purchased the blogussion theme? reply. Alex Mangini says: February 3, Resources for Thesis Theme Users; Thesis Hacker; 4 Great Ways I Customized my Thesis Theme; Thesis Video Tutorials; Build Your Own Business Website ($/year) Blogging.

Blogussion; Thesis Open Hooks. Thesis Hooks; Hook Map; Hooks for Dummies; Thesis Hook Reference List; Customize like a pro with Theme Hooks; Default Hook Usage in Thesis. Blogussion #26 – Rob Rammuny.

Having started making waves recently, Rob Rammuny is expanding his offerings online through blogging and WordPress themes.

Another one of the younger generation bloggers, Rob is building his empire before most of us even thought of how to write our first articles. The creator of DIYthemes and The Thesis Theme. Download a printable version of Alex Mangini Story. He must have a huge market of the total thesis theme sales that happen to justify bringing in that kind of money.

Reply. Neil Patel: May 10, at AM. The market is pretty large. I have been following Alex since he was blogging at Blogussion and it was just inspiration form him. Before getting more serious into selling themes online, the first product he sold was a thesis premium skin used in (before he sold it) and it remarkably generated over $20, in sales.

Then, he devoted all his time and efforts to building Kokalube.

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